Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aftermath of Outlander Season 1 Episode 7

Obama: Get me the all the security agencies on the phone, now. The FBI, the CIS, The NSA… that other agency we don’t talk about.

Obama: Gentlemen, what the hell is happening? It sounds like an avalanche is falling right on top of our heads. Is it ISIS? North Korea? Are those damned Russians finally making a move?

Agent: No, sir, it’s Scotland.

Obama: Scotland? Is it because of the referendum? Have they gotten tired of all the Braveheart and Groundskeeper Willie memes coming out of the US and have decided to seek retribution?

Agent: Sir, they’re not attacking us. From what we understand it’s, er, it’s the seventh episode of Outlander, sir.

Obama: What?

Agent: It seems to have triggered some sort of international incident. We’re calling it Operation Panty Drop. Millions of panties seem to have hit the floor simultaneously, causing the sound you’re hearing and the slight earthquake like conditions. Also there’s some kind of disturbance in the airspace over Scotland. We've received some footage, I'll send it to your phone.

Obama: Dear God, is there a target or is the entire Scottish countryside at risk?

Agent: Sir, it seems they’re all trained on one man, Scottish citizen and actor, Sam Hueghan.

Obama: Ok, I'm en route to Air Force One now, I can be on my way to Scotland in less than thirty minutes. We don't want this situation to get out of hand. Get the SAS on the phone and tell them we’re ready to send air strike forces to assist immediately.

Agent: Sir, we’ve already been in contact with them and with the actor, no assistance or intervention is required. And the actor just kept muttering some French or Gaelic phrase over and over again… I’m not really sure what it means.  

****Please note that none of the pictures used are mine. I just drew some panties and stuck them on pictures found on google. So President Obama, if you or one of your agencies is reading this, just let me know if you want me to take them down. And also, I just learned how to make gifs last night, expressly to make these panty dropping gifs. After the last episode of Outlander I felt it necessary, so if they're not up to your standards, I apologize. Holy cow I'm sleepy now.